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7-11 Nov. 2004, Hiroshima, Japan

Submission deadline extended by 2 weeks to Friday April 30, 11:59pm (Hawaii Time).
The deadline for submission of abstracts is also Friday April 30, 11:59pm (Hawaii Time).

Call for Research Papers

3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2004)
Sunday, November 7 Thursday, November 11, 2004
Hiroshima Prince Hotel, Hiroshima, Japan

The vision of the Semantic Web is to make the contents of the Web unambiguously computer interpretable, enabling automation of a diversity of tasks currently performed by human beings. The goal of providing semantics and automated reasoning capabilities to the Web draws upon research in a broad range of areas including Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Software Engineering, Distributed Computing and Information Systems. Contributions to date have included languages for semantic annotation of Web documents, automated reasoning capabilities for Web languages, ontologies, query and view languages, semantic translation of Web contents, semantic integration middleware, technologies and principles for building multi-agent and Grid systems, semantic interoperation of programs and devices, technologies and principles for describing, searching and composing Web Services, and more.

The 3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2004) follows on the success of previous conferences and workshops in Sanibel Island, USA (2003), Sardinia, Italy (2002), and Stanford, USA (2001).

The organizing committee solicits research submissions for the main research track of the conference, as well as for the accompanying industrial and posters track:

ISWC2004 also encourages the submission of proposals for workshops and tutorials, and system demonstrations. Please see the ISWC2004 Web site for pertinent details.

Research Track Submissions

The research track of ISWC2004 solicits the submission of original, principled research papers dealing with theoretical, methodological, empirical and application-related aspects of the Semantic Web. Papers must clearly demonstrate relevance to the Semantic Web. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

Submission Details

Research papers must be submitted electronically via the ISWC2004 Web page at Authors will be asked to designate whether they are submitting to the research paper track, the industrial track or the poster track. Papers must be submitted in either PostScript or PDF (Adobe's Portable Document Format) format. Papers will not be accepted in any other format.

Research track paper submissions must be formatted in the style of the Springer Publications format for Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) . Papers must be no longer than 15 pages in Springer LNCS format. Over-length papers will be rejected.

ISWC2004 will not accept research papers which, at the time of submission, are under review for or has already been published or accepted for publication in a journal or another conference. Authors of accepted papers will be required to mark up the abstract of their submission for the Semantic Web (help will be provided for this task). Details will be provided on the conference Web page, at the time of acceptance. In addition to oral presentation, authors of accepted papers may have the option of presenting their papers, plus any recent extensions to their work, at the Poster session of ISWC2004.

Please monitor for changes.


April 30, 2004 Research Track paper titles, abstracts and keywords due
April 30, 2004 Research Track paper submissions due
July 05, 2004 (changed from June 28) Research Track paper acceptance notification
September 6, 2004 Research Track camera-ready papers due
November 7, 2004 ISWC2004 Tutorial & Workshop Day
November 8, 2004 ISWC2004 Workshop Day
November 9 -- 11, 2004 ISWC2004 Technical Program.

The deadlines for submissions are strict: no extensions will be given.

Program Co-Chairs

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Sheila McIlraith
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
6 King's College Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 3H5

Dimitris Plexousakis
Department of Computer Science, University of Crete
Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH)
GR 711 10 Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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