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7-11 Nov. 2004, Hiroshima, Japan

Submission deadline extended by 2 weeks to Friday April 30, 11:59pm (Hawaii Time).
The deadline for submission of abstracts is also Friday April 30, 11:59pm (Hawaii Time).

Call for Papers: ISWC2004 Industrial Track

The Semantic Web and Semantic Technologies has begun to move from the realm of pure research to industrial applications. Research organizations have begun to spin-off companies to commercialize semantic technologies. Established companies have provided institutional investment in these technologies, and have begun to provide their own tools. These companies have produced industrial strength enterprise software, with scalability, throughput and reliability measures that are competitive with traditional data technologies. And finally, these companies have produced successful deployments for their customers; deployments which have proven the viability of these technologies in a commercial setting.

In consideration of this situation, a special Industry Track will be held as part of the Third International Semantic Web Conference. The goals of the track are to help researchers understand the current status and needs of industry, as well as allowing industry to learn about the latest research advances in the field.

Submission Details

The industrial track of ISWC2004 welcomes the submission of original papers describing industrial advances in semantic technologies. Papers must be designated as belonging to one of the following three areas:
Area A. Deployed applications. Papers must describe a deployed usage of semantic technologies to a real-world problem, including a description of the application and scope of the user base. Return on investment analysis (i.e., amount of money saved by deployment of the application, vs. cost to deploy) is optional, but encouraged where possible. A detailed comparison of the semantic technology solution to competing approaches using conventional technology are strongly encouraged.
Area B. Industrialization of technology. Papers describing productization that makes semantic technologies competitive, on an industrial scale, with conventional technology. Measure for industrialization include (but are not limited to) scale (size of managed data sets), throughput (number of queries per time unit) and non-functional qualities like accountability, reliability, recovery, redundancy, etc. Papers in this area should give detailed information about performance on appropriate benchmarks.
Area C. Industrial innovations. Papers describing a novel application of a new capability in an industrial setting. Innovation projects can be reported prior to full deployment (e.g., as pilots or proofs of concept), but the paper must outline plans for deployment. Since papers in this area need not demonstrate actual use of the deployed solution, they will be judged more strictly on innovation and novelty.

Important Dates

Paper titles, authors, abstracts, and keywords due: Tuesday April 30, 2004
Paper Submission date: Friday April 30, 2004
Notification Date: Monday July 05, 2004 (changed from June 28)
Camera-Ready due: Monday September 6, 2004

Industrial Track Program Committee

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The Industrial Track will be managed by a separate program committee, consisting of:
Jun-ichi Akahani NTT (co-chair)
Dean Allemang TopQuadrant Inc, (co-chair)
Bill Andersen OntologyWorks, US
Jürgen Angele Ontoprise, DE
Ken Baclawski Semantx Life Sciences, Div. of Jarg Corporation, US
Richard Benjamins Isoco, ES
Jack Berkowitz Network Inference, US
Andy Crapo GE, US
John Davies British Telecom, UK
Michael Denny Consultant, US
Lars M. Garshol Ontopia, NO
Richard Huffine EPA, US
Thomas Kamps Fraunhofer Institute, DE
Takahiro Kawamura Toshiba, JP
Paul Keller NASA Ames, US
Shoji Kurakake NTT DoCoMo, JP
Jae Kyu Lee KAIST, KR
Kyu-Chul Lee Chungnam National Univ., KR
Alain Leger France Telecom, FR
Ryusuke Masuoka Fujitsu, US
Alexander Morgan General Motors, US
Holger Rath Empolis, DE
Amit Sheth Semagix, UK
Satish Thatte Microsoft, US
Mike Uschold Boeing, US
Richard Watts Lawrence Livermore National Labs, US
John Zimmerman NNSA Kansas City Plant, US

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