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7-11 Nov. 2004, Hiroshima, Japan

E-Submission of Posters

Instructions for submitting a poster paper to the Confious submission system:

  1. Create an account to Confious submission system. Even if you had submitted a paper to the Research or Industrial Track of the ISWC'04, you will need to create a new account to submit a paper to the Poster Track of ISWC'04.
  2. Login to the system and follow the link "New Submission".
  3. In the first page define title, topics, keywords, abstract and conflicts (optional) and click "continue".
  4. In the next page, define the authors of the poster paper and click "Finish Abstract Submission". In case that a contact person is author of the paper, he/she is not automatically listed in the author list. You have to explicitly define his/her information through this page, in way similar to the one followed for the rest of the authors.
  5. To upload the poster paper, you need to follow the link "Full paper submission" from the start page (this link is available, after abstract submission has been completed successfully). PDF files are recommended.

The site for Electronic Submissions to the Poster Track of ISWC2004 is:

Complete submission instructions for posters can be found at the "Poster Submission Instructions" page.

ISWC'04 electronic submission and on-line reviewing procedures are supported by Confious. Confious logo

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