7-11 Nov. 2004, Hiroshima, Japan

ISWC2004: Conference Program

Sunday, November 7th


Morning session
T1: XQuery: the query language, its applications and its implementations
T2: Ontology Design Patterns and Problems: Practical Ontology Engineering using Protege-OWL
T3: Tools and Technologies for Semantic Web Services

Afternoon session
T4: RDF and Topic Maps Interoperability in Practice
T5: Theory and Practice of RDF Query Processing
T6: Semantic Web Rules with Ontologies, and their E-Business Applications


Full Day
W1: Semantic Web technology for mobile and ubiquitous applications
W2: Trust, Security, and Reputation on the Semantic Web

Monday, November 8th


Full Day
W3: SW-EL'04: Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-Learning
W4: Evaluation of Ontology-based Tools (EON2004)
W5: Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web
W6: Semantic Web Services: Preparing to Meet the World of Business Applications
W7: Meaning coordination and negotiation
W8: Knowledge Markup and Semantic Annotation (Semannot2004)

Tuesday, November 9th - Thursday, November 11th

Edward Feigenbaum KSL, Stanford University, USA
Wolfgang Nejdl University of Hannover, Germany
Marie-Christine Rousset LRI, France


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